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Work Automation

Work Automation for Project Success

The major problem with work automation in enterprises has nothing to do with work automation itself, and everything to do with conventional project and portfolio management software.

Specifically, such software is inflexible, needlessly complicated, and forces end users and teams to fit within pre-defined rules and processes – instead of the other way around. Fortunately, Clarizen isn’t conventional project and portfolio management software!

Accessible online from any computer or mobile device, Clarizen is an enterprise-ready work execution platform that allows project managers, executives and other leaders to:

  • Rapidly build customized workflows based on what teams and end users need to be effective and efficient
  • Establish business rules to automate approvals, notifications, new project launches, etc.
  • Sync with other systems in the environment to create seamless, automated information flows and updates
  • Generate reports for any stakeholder group to assess project and portfolio health

Learn why enterprises worldwide trust Clarizen to drive their work automation – and ultimately improve productivity, performance, results, success and profitability. Request your free trial today.