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After my first week as Clarizen’s CEO, I can say I’m even more pleased to have joined the company.  I’m learning every day about the great foundation of customers, product and team on which we will build the Clarizen of the future.

As I told the US team earlier this week, this is an evolution, not a revolution.  We are here to mature the company while keeping focused on you, our customers.  We’re here to deliver a service that solves your problems and delivers immediate value.  Gone are the days when companies could take many months or years to provide tangible results for their customers.

Clarizen's Future An Evolution not A RevolutionI’d like to personally thank Avinoam for his leadership in building Clarizen over the last decade. It takes deep passion, energy and entrepreneurism to take a forward-thinking concept – collaborative work management ­– and turn it into an award-winning solution that is used by thousands of organizations around the world.

By combining the best of what the company is today with new innovations and investments, I am confident in our ability to accelerate growth to build the best future for our customers and Clarizen itself.

Over the next several months, I plan to listen to and learn from you and our team to determine the right vision and strategies to lead the market over the next decade. I expect the experience to be intense and inspiring, and I look forward to the challenge.

I also plan to see where we can prioritize and accelerate areas that are critical to our future success, make adjustments where needed, drive greater clarity in our business and invest in the company’s culture. Like I said, this next phase is an evolution – not a revolution.

The opportunity that lies ahead for Clarizen is tremendous, and the ability to work with the global team to take the company into its next stage of maturity is energizing.  I couldn’t be more confident in
this innovative and forward-looking company, which is powering the modern, collaborative workplace. But most of all, I am honored by the opportunity to lead it.

Boaz Chalamish Clarizen CEO cropSincerely,

Boaz Chalamish
Chief Executive Officer

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