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In the last decade, project management software has undergone a remarkable evolution. Once a barely-notable element of a company’s operations, PM software is now viewed as a critically important part of an organization’s long-term strategy. It’s no surprise then, that dozens of new companies jump into the market each year, all hoping to get a share of the ever-increasing spend on project management solutions. This can make it extremely difficult for companies to tell the difference between products that can truly meet their needs, and those that deliver only a fraction of the capabilities that a large organization requires.

Clarizen vs_ Wrike- A ComparisonCompanies trying to do a project management software comparison between Clarizen and Wrike may be wondering what sets the two products apart. The short answer is that Clarizen offers a wealth of advanced project and portfolio management features that competitors like Wrike simply can’t match. From resource allocation to issue tracking to collaboration in context, Clarizen’s innovative functionality and exceptional flexibility allow large organizations to gain control over their budgets and timelines.

Here’s a closer look at just a few of the reasons organizations are choosing Clarizen over Wrike and other competitors.

Collaboration In-Context

No company can expect to succeed if it fails to provide its employees and partners with the proper tools to share information and solve problems collaboratively. Clarizen is the industry leader in collaborative work management, providing an unparalleled suite of online collaboration features, such as free standing discussion groups, instant messaging and shared document management tools, that give customers a true competitive advantage. Plus, with Clarizen’s patented InterAct email engine, users can trigger virtually any action in the system with a simple email. Project teams can create purposeful “in context” conversations, so the various informal and formal conversations that take place around tasks, activities and projects are unified by a single purpose: to move work in context along its journey towards resolution, delivery or completion.

Portfolio Management

Organization-wide portfolio management is another area in which Clarizen clearly outperforms Wrike and its other competitors. Large companies simply can’t afford to let their projects and project teams exist in silos, isolated from the dozens or hundreds of other projects that may be under way at the same time. Clarizen provides organizations with an unmatched ability to track and manage their project portfolios – for example with its interactive Gantt charts, plus with cross-project visibility into resource availability, budgets and other key considerations.


Clarizen understands that not all teams work the same way, even if they’re part of the same company. A team may prefer to use Agile methodology to develop a product, for example, while needing to interact and share information with a separate team using a waterfall approach. Using Clarizen’s solution-rich Apps Marketplace, companies can translate each other’s project plans and other critical information into their own methodologies, eliminating the unnecessary delays and communication breakdowns that often plague organizations using less advanced project management software.

If you’re researching new options for your organization’s project management needs, be sure to learn more about how Clarizen’s cloud-based project management solutions are helping software developers, marketing firms and other companies improve their communication, efficiency and project outcomes.

Todd Valentine
Todd Valentine, Senior Product Manager