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The widespread shift from traditional project management to cloud-based project management software is proof that a growing number of businesses are looking for flexibility and lower costs in their PM solutions. Once a company has made the decision to move to the cloud, however, it still must choose the right software.

When looking for cloud-based PM software, many companies find themselves comparing Clarizen and Basecamp, two of the industry’s most prominent project management solutions. While Clarizen and Basecamp have some similarities, such as user-friendly interfaces, basic project management functions and support for mobile devices, the two products have significant differences. Businesses looking for Basecamp alternatives often find that Clarizen delivers the enhanced functionality and high-touch support they need.

clarizen vs basecamp

True Project Management Functionality
One critical distinction between Basecamp and Clarizen is in the depth of their project management features. While Basecamp allows for basic PM activities such as task assignment and progress tracking, it lacks support for more advanced project management, especially for IT departments and other teams that may need to use specialized project management strategies.

Clarizen features a much stronger suite of IT project management tools, including support for agile methodologies and other popular project management strategies. Clarizen customers can create burndown charts, interactive Gantt charts and other elements that simply are not available to Basecamp users.

Budgeting and Planning
Another area in which Clarizen outperforms Basecamp is in budget tracking and planning. Clarizen provides project and portfolio managers with the ability to view and track resources and utilization across multiple projects, allowing for more effective time management and prioritization. Clarizen also provides real-time visibility into budget and resource status, giving managers and other stakeholders a more accurate view of project status at any point in time.

Flexibility and Configuration
In addition to its more robust feature set, Clarizen gives customers more configuration options, allowing teams to incorporate the software into their existing processes and workflows. Further, Clarizen offers an extensive set of developer tools, including an application program interface (API) that lets customers integrate their own systems with Clarizen. The Clarizen Apps Marketplace is another popular resource, providing access to a wide range of apps that customers can use to enhance their project management capabilities. With these apps, Clarizen’s capabilities are extended even further beyond what Basecamp can offer.

Support Capabilities
In the Clarizen-to-Basecamp comparison, perhaps the most important differentiator of all is Clarizen’s commitment to customer support. Clarizen’s desire and ability to keep customers happy has been noted by Tom Taulli at Forbes and other industry experts. With live phone support, user forums, tutorials and other options, Clarizen offers support capabilities that Basecamp simply can’t match.

If you’re curious about how Clarizen can help your team work more collaboratively and effectively, learn more about our suite of cloud-based project management software.

Todd Valentine
Todd Valentine, Senior Product Manager
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