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G2’s Winter 2021 Grid Report for PPM Vendors & What It Means

We are delighted to announce that Clarizen has been ranked as a “Leader” in G2’s Winter 2021 Enterprise Grid® for Project and Portfolio Management Software.

Click Here to View the Enterprise Grid

Leaders” represent products that receive the highest aggregate Satisfaction and Market Presence scores.

The Satisfaction score is based on:

  • Customer satisfaction with end user-focused product attributes based on user reviews.
  • Popularity and statistical significance based on the number of reviews received by G2.
  • Quality of reviews received (reviews that are more thoroughly completed are weighted more heavily).
  • Age of reviews (more-recent reviews provide relevant and up-to-date information that is reflective of the current state of a product).
  • Customer satisfaction with administration-specific product attributes based on user reviews.
  • Overall customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score® (NPS) based on ratings by G2 users.

Clarizen Ranked a Leader in G2’s Winter 2021 Grid

The Market Presence score is based on a combination of 15 metrics from G2’s reviews, publicly available information, and third-party sources.

Achieving a Satisfaction score of 92 across our enterprise customers is very exciting and extremely rewarding. Our enterprise customers have a large, diverse and widely-distributed user population. As such, they need a solution that will drive adoption, be easy to administer and use, and offers a robust yet flexible feature set.
We would like to thank our enterprise customers for their incredible support, and for sharing their experience with others. Customer satisfaction is a critical goal at Clarizen, and it is a Key Performance Indicator for each department — not just Customer Success & Support. We are committed to delivering a product and providing professional services that our customers enjoy using, and which helps them be successful each day.

Clarizen Ranked #1 in Project and Portfolio Management Relationship Index

The G2 Crowd Winter 2021 Grid also filters user reviews into various segments (which are called Indexes), in order to provide a more detailed view of how customers feel about vendors. We are thrilled to share Clarizen was ranked #1 in the Project and Portfolio Management Relationship Index, which spans all industries and company sizes.

Click here to view the Relationship Index

The Relationship Index is calculated by a proprietary algorithm that factors in real-user satisfaction ratings for a number of relationship-related review questions, and is based on:

• Ease of doing business with the vendor based on reviews by G2 users.
• Customer satisfaction with the product’s quality of support based on reviews by G2 users.
• Customer likelihood to recommend a product based on reviews by G2 users.
• The number of reviews received on G2.

At Clarizen, we have always focused on building strong relationships with our customers that are based on trust, professionalism, performance and results. We engage closely with our customers to fully understand all of their business-critical initiatives and enterprise-wide transformation projects, and collaborate to identify optimal strategies and solutions. We also continue to develop the relationship beyond deployment, so that we can help our customers adapt to change and embrace uncertainty.

Being ranked #1 G2’s Winter 2021 Grid Relationship Index validates that we are earning the loyalty and trust of our customers, and helping them be successful – which is always our top priority. In addition, this distinction caps off a great 2020 for our Customer Service Department, which in December won its third Gold Stevie® Award for achieving an 98.06% Customer Satisfaction Rating (CSAT) – which is all the more remarkable considering that this exceptional standard was achieved in the midst of a global pandemic. What’s more, our Customer Support Department has maintained at least a 98% CSAT for 16 consecutive quarters dating back to 2016.

Clarizen Ranked #1 in Project and Portfolio Management Usability: Enterprise

And the great news keeps coming! As part of G2’s Winter 2021 Grid, we are happy to highlight that Clarizen was also ranked #1 in Project and Portfolio Management Usability: Enterprise.

Click here to view the Usability Index

The Usability score is calculated by a proprietary algorithm that factors in real-user satisfaction ratings for a number of use-related review questions, and is based on:

  • Customer satisfaction with the ease of use for each product based on reviews by G2 users.
  • Customer satisfaction with the ease of admin for each product based on reviews by G2 users.
  • Customer responses to the “Meets Requirements” question on G2.
  • User adoption percentage based on reviews and by G2 users.
  • The number of reviews received on G2.

Usability is fundamental to an adaptive project and portfolio management solution. It is beyond frustrating for organizations that spend months evaluating, selecting, and deploying a solution, only to experience low user adoption. Not only is this a massive waste of time and resources, but it can damage the reputation of evaluation team members.

Earning the top spot in G2’s Winter 2021 Grid Usability Index validates our longstanding commitment to ease-of-use on two critical levels:

  • Ease-of-use for administrators, who can easily and quickly make a wide range of changes to aspects like custom actions, workflows, user privileges, and more. There is no need for administrators to submit a request and wait, or pay for every little change that they want to make.
  • Ease-of-use for end users, who quickly discover that Clarizen enhances their work experience – in many cases dramatically – and helps them be more productive and efficient on a daily basis.

We also feel that usability goes hand-in-hand with building strong relationships. By working closely with our customers and focusing on their success, we educate and enable them to take full advantage of all that Clarizen has to offer.

Increase your business agility with Clarizen’s project management software

The Final Word
Are we beyond proud to be rated #1 in the G2 Winter 2021 Enterprise Grid for Portfolio and Project Management Software, Relationship Index, and Usability Index, respectively? Absolutely!

However, the credit for these accomplishments ultimately belongs to our customers who took the time to share experiences on G2 and across social media. Our success is fundamentally rooted in our customers’ success. Ultimately, what these distinctions and awards tell us is that our customers are succeeding — and that is truly inspiring and encouraging!

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