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As enterprises strive to apply business agile principles onto the work landscape and project management, they’re gearing up for a new world of speed, speed and more speed.

business agile rocketship

However, before they fire up the booster rockets, these enterprises would be wise to call a time out and ensure that they fully understand and confirm that their PPM infrastructure properly supports the notion that business agile isn’t just a matter of working faster. Rather, it’s fundamentally about working smarter by finding efficiencies in six core areas:

  • Portfolio Management: prioritization, investment decisions, trend analysis, standardization, and portfolio health monitoring
  • Project Management: planning, sizing, scoping, estimating, executing, reporting, change management, and closeout
  • Resource Utilization: project staffing, on-the-fly adjustments, and deploying cross-functional teams to solve specific problems
  • Collaboration: in-context communication between internal teams and external stakeholders; using the right mix of tools (e.g. designated workspaces, video/phone conferencing, IM chat, face-to-face, etc.) to keep teams informed at every stage of the PLC
  • Employee Engagement: using visibility to help individuals see and map their contribution; rewarding and recognizing top performers; proactively identifying coaching/training opportunities (one-on-one and team-based)
  • Work Management: using automation to run repeatable, standardized tasks in order to free up team members to focus on high value activities

Ultimately, when enterprises find efficiencies in these key areas, they naturally experience faster execution, and significantly reduce the time it takes to achieve strategic goals. So yes, speed, speed and more speed characterizes the work landscape. But not because people are frenetically and chaotically racing around. Rather, it’s because they’re doing things more efficiently AND more intelligently. That’s the gateway to business agile, and it’s the only way to reap the rewards.

Clarizen’s cloud-based PPM solution is designed from the ground-up to help enterprises identify, exploit and establish efficiencies in all of these areas. We bring business agility and improve performance, results, customer satisfaction and success. Learn more by taking a tour or launching a 30-day test drive.


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In the Gartner Market Guide for Adaptive Project Management & Reporting guide, Gartner, Inc. provides recommendations and evaluation criteria for executives and PMO leaders assessing Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions. This guide outlines the adaptive project management and reporting process flow as well as a market review of current providers in the following categories:

  • - Existing pure-play PPM providers
  • - Collaborative work management (CWM) providers
  • - Enterprise agile planning (EAP) providers
  • - Technology Platform providers from other markets

The guide provides insight into how well a product or service fulfills certain functional capabilities – with a forward-looking market direction and analysis provided.

In the report, Gartner, Inc. mentions/states that “by 2024, 50% of all program and portfolio management (PPM) leaders will integrate complementary technologies to enable portfolio decision making and adaptive work management for digital business evolution.”

Clarizen offers a complete solution that connects work across the enterprise, turning ideas into strategies, plans, and action. With Clarizen, organizations can work the way they want to work and have real time visibility across all workstreams in their portfolio. This keeps teams focused on the things that matter, provides the real-time information needed to make more accurate and timely decisions, and delivers results faster to meet and even exceed company goals and customers’ expectations.

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