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Does this sound familiar? A key task in your project is dependent on the completion of an earlier task by your organization’s IT or development team. However, IT and development are using their own tool to track their requirements and progress, and neither you nor anyone on your team have access to that tool.

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As your milestone date approaches, you find yourself faced with two unpleasant alternatives: (1) risk missing your deadline because the IT task wasn’t completed on time or to the right specifications, or (2) risk creating internal conflicts by continually asking for updates on how and when the IT task will be complete.

If you’ve found yourself in that situation, you’re certainly not alone. Organizations in almost every industry struggle with similar challenges, often because their IT and development teams have adopted project management approaches like JIRA that aren’t applicable or available to other departments. While department-specific tools may once have had their place in the enterprise, more and more companies are moving away from this strategy and looking for solutions that allow meaningful interaction between IT, development and the rest of the organization.

Organizations looking for a robust and scalable JIRA integration often find that Clarizen is an ideal solution, as it offers a full set of task and ticket tracking features, while providing a user-friendly interface and the ability to support projects in a much wider range of departments. Here’s a quick look at how Clarizen can break down the barriers between development, IT and the rest of the organization.

Task Management

IT and development teams who are accustomed to JIRA task management functionality are often pleasantly surprised to find that Clarizen provides the same ability to track specific requirements in great detail, while making it easier for other team members to stay informed about task progress or challenges. Clarizen’s streamlined interface and interoperability allow employees to focus on their work without slowing down the flow of information.

Online Collaboration

Online project collaboration tools are essential for effective communication between team members who are geographically separated but need to work together on project tasks. Clarizen offers an unmatched set of online collaboration features that make it easy for team members to share updates, ideas and solutions in real time. Project teams can even create 3-D conversations, combining emails, instant messages, project documents and other information in a central location that can be accessed by virtually everyone on the team.

Clarizen lets teams work in their preferred IT project management methodology and still interact with teams who use a different approach to project management. A development team using Agile methodology, for example, can use Clarizen to share task information with a separate team using the waterfall approach. The Clarizen Apps Marketplace makes it easy to find tools that translate project plans and other critical information, streamlining communication and facilitating true collaboration across the enterprise.

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