Team Board

Powerful and customizable, Team Board provides an elegant drag-and-drop interface to support your daily standups. Decrease the time spent in planning sessions, and increase productivity by providing your team with actionable data. A must for Agile Development.

Specification: Integration Apps

Categories: Research and Development, IT

Capabilities: Agile Scrum Project Management

About This App

Clarizen Team Board provides an interactive, visual representation of team status, and will become an invaluable tool to support the Agile development process.

Powerful and Customizable

Leverages Clarizen’s full set of project management capabilities, optimized to fit Agile processes and best practices.

Speed Up Planning Sessions

Translate user stories to technical tasks and update cards directly during planning sessions while gaining real time insights into impact on costs, resource load and ETA.

Organize Your Work

Use the Team Board to track progress of your team’s work across all projects, and easily advance a task from one stage to another by dragging and dropping across stages.

Visualize Your Workflow

Map columns of the Team Board to your workflows and Work Breakdown Structure. Progress is then visualized by creating a card for each task with important info such as the assigned resource, remaining effort, status and priority. Cards can be color-coded to meet your specific requirements.

Focus the Team

The Team Board is flexible. You can drill down or filter to show only specific user stories, or other details within an iteration. All changes made to the Team Board are immediately updated into the general Clarizen project structure.

The Team Board uses these Work Item custom fields

Field Name



Team Board State

Contains a list of states that will be displayed on the board. This list is dynamic and can be edited to meet specific organizational needs.

this is the only Mandatory field, all other custom fields can be used with default values.

Team Board Task Color

Contains a list of colors that can be used for each “post-it” on the Team Board.

currently this list cannot be modified.

Team Board Type

Contains a list of work item types and includes Epic, User Story and Task and allows users to identify the levels of hierarchy between objects

This field is mainly for reporting purposes, however, the “Epic” value will allow you to add another level in the Team Board view.

Team Board Icon

Contains flags for Critical, High, and Normal that will be displayed on the User Stories in the team board.


Team Board Data

Allows you to add specific data for user stories and tasks.

  • When used along side the Team Board icon on user stories, this data will be displayed on hover

  • When used on tasks, this data will be displayed on the page footer when the relevant task “post-it” is selected

  • A “;” (semicolon) can be used to add a line break to text

  • On tasks, using a “:” colon will allow you to build a table with a parameter and it’s value


Team Board Video Thumbnail
Clarizen’s Agile Project Management
and Team Board Tutorial