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Digital Proofing with Ziflow

Online proofing application streamlines the review and approval process for digital content creation and delivers projects faster.

Specification: Integration Apps

Categories: Marketing

Capabilities: Customer Management, Data Integration, Document Management, Process Automation

About This App

Ziflow combined with Clarizen creates the ultimate solution for streamlining the digital proofing process when creating digital files – including text, image, audio, and video – in the context of your Clarizen workflow.

You’ll benefit by being able to create digital assets more quickly with fewer versions, and fewer mistakes. Version control becomes a thing of the past once stakeholders have the ability to provide precise feedback at the right time in the process. And automated workflows can ensure that compliance is simplified and not overlooked. In addition, the reviewing process becomes more collaborative and interactive – comment threads are connected and everyone stays informed in real time, with a complete audit history.

The proofing process is accessible via Clarizen’s workflow rules and validation rules, meaning that you will be able to control, create and manage proofs, manage reviewers and approvers, and use the proofing decisions to continue the work process automatically. With Ziflow and Clarizen, you’ll soon be delivering higher quality materials and doing less rework.

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