Digital Proofing – ProofHQ

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Enable Digital proofing of text, images, video, and audio directly associated with your Clarizen projects and tasks.

Specification: Integration Apps

Categories: Marketing

Capabilities: Customer Management, Document Management, Process Automation

About This App

Clarizen and ProofHQ has joined hands to bring forth the ultimate solution for simplifying and organizing the review and approval process of digital proofing for text, image, and even audio & video files in the context of your Clarizen projects and tasks.

Create and manage new proofs for any uploaded file in Clarizen, any stakeholder, whether a Clarizen user or not, will be able to contribute to the review and approval process. Access the proof file directly from within Clarizen’s file viewer or from the email via the ProofHQ external viewer.

The proofing process is even accessible via Clarizen’s workflow rules and validation rules, meaning that you will be able to control, create and manage proofs, manage reviewers and approvers, and use the proofing decisions to continue the work process automatically.

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