Clarizen Intacct Integration

Clarizen has partnered with Intacct, the leader in cloud-based financial management and accounting applications, to integrate project management with full project accounting and billing.

Specification: Integration Apps

Capabilities: Time Tracking

About This App

Services Organizations need an end-to-end solution for projects, from the initial planning and quoting stages through execution and finally invoicing of the entire project.

In order to achieve that goal, a bulletproof automation of data flow between Clarizen and an Accounting system must be in place that requires accounting recognition, so that appropriate invoicing and payment items can be made.

Intacct – Clarizen integration provides just that, allowing a Master-Master or Master-Slave relationship between the systems, using customizable field mapping (including custom fields) based on your organization’s needs. With the Clarizen Intacct integration, financial details, including project-related billable and non-billable time and reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses, will be seamlessly integrated between Intacct and Clarizen for improved invoicing, reporting and financial management.

Clarizen Intacct integration of project financial data within a project will ensure complete end to end support of the project-to-cash life-cycle. Project management teams and finance teams stay connected and coordinated for improved visibility and better real-time business decisions.

Full documentation and usage notes are available on Clarizen Documentation site: Clarizen Intacct Integration Documentation

Pricing Details

Pricing is based on the quantity of Clarizen licenses you have, with a minimum of $250 per month.

As Clarizen licenses have differing prices, the integration licensing is priced accordingly, as follows:

License Type Integration License Price
Full $7 per user, per month
Team Member/ Time & Expense $4 per user, per month
Social $1 per user, per month
Email No license necessary