Clarizen Excel Add-in

Advanced reporting tool that enables you to run reports on your real-time Clarizen data, directly through Microsoft Excel. Includes ability to generate complex custom reports, charts and dashboards within Microsoft Excel.

Specification: Integration Apps

Categories: Project Management, Professional Services, Marketing

Capabilities: Clarizen Panels, Data Integration, Finance Management, Reporting and Dashboards

About This App

The Clarizen Excel Add-in is an advanced reporting tool that enables organizations to extract data from Clarizen, and generate robust reports and dashboards using MS-Excel capabilities. With this app, gain the ability to export your Clarizen project data to Excel and organize it however you want, all with the click of a button. Slice and dice your Clarizen data and create sophisticated pivot tables, charts and graphs to present your project information in a visual way that allows for fast and accurate business decisions. All the Query and Report definitions are stored within Excel so data can be represented as you and your project team want.

The Clarizen Excel Add-In allows for unlimited number of installations within your organization. You may download and install the Excel Add-in before purchasing a license, but a valid license is required to login to Clarizen from the Excel Add-in and retrieve data. Contact your Clarizen Account Manager for additional questions.

For more information access the User Manual here.

Installing the Add-in:

  1. Close Excel.
  2. Click the ‘Download Now’ button on this page. Run the Setup directly, or save it to your disk and run it from there. Note: Your browser may prompt you to approve running of the setup.exe file, or may not support running the file directly. Refer to the installation package options table below to see further options for installation.
  3. When prompted – click ‘Install’.

Using the Add-in:

  1. Open an Excel file with a pre-defined report and click the “Clarizen” tab of the Excel Ribbon menu.
  2. Login to your Clarizen account.
  3. Select a sheet with an existing query and click ‘Edit’ or define a new query by click ‘New’.

Further Installation Options

  • Several different installer packages are currently available for Windows users.
  • If you already have a version installed, you will need to uninstall it first before finishing the installation.
  • Other Operating Systems: There are no native Mac or Linux versions offered at this time. The packages will run on Microsoft Excel running in a virtual machine on these platforms.

Which Version is Right for Me?


The VSTO ClickOnce packages are recommended as they use Microsoft automatic updating capabilities which does not require additional installs by end users when updates are released. Each user needs to perform their own installation.

Notice: 27th-Sept-2016
The VSTO 3.5 installer is no longer available due to the packaging technology version used no longer being supported by the vendor.


If you are unable to run the VSTO ClickOnce packages, or if your firewall or IT policies prevent the download of the VSTO ClickOnce packages, you can try installing the relevant .msi package or forward the link to your IT system administrators.

Install Package.Net VersionInstaller TypePackage Link
VSTO ClickOnce4Current UserDownload
msi3.5Current UserDownload
msi3.5All Users 32Download
msi3.5All Users 64Download
msi4Current UserDownload
msi4All Users 32Download
msi4All Users 64Download