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What does 2020 hold in store for agile teams? According to our crystal ball (actually, it’s a discussion thread and Kanban board), here are 7 bold predictions for the year ahead:

  1. Sprints will stop being exhaustive, and start being energizing. More agile teams will look forward to them vs. dread them. See? We told you these predictions were bold.
  2. More agile teams will stop being mercilessly inundated by an endless barrage of “mission critical requests” — because when everything is a priority, nothing is.
  3.   More enterprises will scale agile across the organization — not necessarily replacing conventional teams, but working cohesively and collaboratively alongside them — in order to get closer to customers and deliver more value in less time.
  4. More agile teams will implement a newsroom or pod-style model, which brings cross-functioning professionals under a unifying umbrella to facilitate rapid information sharing and decision making.
  5. Relevant customers, colleagues, vendors and partners — i.e. folks who aren’t formally on the agile team — will be kept in the loop, so that communication and collaboration replace chaos and conflict. What a glorious loop it shall be!
  6. Technologies and processes will be put in place to make onboarding secure, simple and fast. In 2020, no agile team member will be left behind.
  7. Thanks to a solution like Clarizen Go, more agile teams will experience functional and effective task management — instead of wading through endless emails, having no clue of who’s doing what, or scavenger hunt through a digital wasteland for fabled work assignments and assets that may or may not exist (“legend has it that Sharon was supposed to pull together an update…).

 Happy New Year & All the Best in 2020 from Team Clarizen!

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