V6 is Here! Simplification, Personalization and Collaboration

August 28, 2013
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Posted By: Rachel Hadas

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The long awaited v6 release has finally arrived and the moment the entire organization has been working so hard towards is finally here. It started 3 years ago, in small design rooms with small teams, an exceptionally talented designer and many cross continent conversations and cups of coffee.
Over time we involved more and more people into the work around v6 including the entire Clarizen organization as well as customers who were able to complete usability testing on prototypes and provide feedback that helped usClarizen V6 is Here! Simplification, Personalization and Collaboration improve along the way.  The hundreds (if not thousands) of hours spent brainstorming, challenging, improving, re-doing and architecting have finally come to life.
And I must share that I am extremely excited!  In my 17 year career in enterprise software, the release of v6 is a personal highlight as it is truly spectacular and game changing. With v6, Clarizen is revolutionizing its working product and taking a brave and bold step to building the tool of tomorrow’s workplace.

With v6, one of the biggest challenges we decided to tackle was to create an enterprise grade project management solution that could also serve the individual. We wanted to take our existing working enterprise product and revolutionize it into a product that serves all the team members- the individuals- that make up organizations.  We laid out several key goals that would help achieve this: simplification, personalization and collaboration.


With v6 the aim is bridge the gap between the enterprise organization and the individuals that work on daily project tasks. We’ve taken a scale up and scale down approach so that team members can participate in social conversations, manage to do list items and gain a team perspective of project tasks.


V6 empowers users with 360 degree views where everyone can see access their project work as well as understand and view how it affects other teams within the organization. Project work can be accessed whenever and wherever a user wants.


Collaboration is redefined with v6 by combining the unstructured social discussions we all have and the structured methodological world of project management. Other existing tools allow for conversations but don’t promote execution in the way that v6 does. With v6 we are introducing 3D conversations that take discussions and transform them into objective tasks and projects.

Social Design

With v6 we have taken a desktop web application and transformed it into a modern web application. The social aspect now enables teams to look at their information as a pivot table where data and teams are connected.  The team perspective includes an individual level of work management as well as simplified cooperation and collaboration on tasks, issues and projects.

Looking Ahead

As VP Product, I am proud to be part of a release that is sure to add value to the individuals that make up the top enterprise organizations across the globe. This version is extremely scalable for our future dreams to continue to improve the way work is completed by people. On my recent family vacation to Rome, I tossed two coins into the Trevi fountain, one for my family and my coming baby and one for v6, Clarizen’s new baby.

Cheers to a successful journey! 


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